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Overview of the program

Who's eligible?

Anyone can browse and try these activities. However, badges and certificates are only available to Notre Dame grad students, postdocs, faculty, and staff.

Why badges?

We use badges to represent manageable chunks of work and recognize your learning more quickly. They also let you personalize the program; follow your interests to earn the badges you want in the order you choose. This video explains the general idea of digital badges.

Claiming a badge adds your name to the list of badge earners. It also lets you display the badge with a link that shows potential employers what you did to earn it. Share the badge on LinkedIn, a personal blog, or a professional web page.

How do I start?

  1. Fill out the enrollment form
  2. Begin the orientation badge

How do I earn a badge?

  1. Complete readings and viewings
  2. Create a digital artifact,
  3. Write a reflection, and
  4. Submit an ePortfolio page as evidence of your learning.

We estimate that most badges require 3-5 hours of work. After verifying your work we'll issue you a badge.

Railway Company share certificate Flickr image by William Creswell

How do I earn a certificate?

  1. Earn the Orientation badge,
  2. Earn one badge from each: Pedagogy, Tools, and Media,
  3. Earn the Media Project badge,
  4. Complete the Summary page in the eportfolio and submit the "Final Reflection" assignment.

Is there an advanced certificate?

After completing the initial certificate you have the option to work towards an advanced certificate:

  1. Earn additional badges - one each from Pedagogy, Tools, and Media,
  2. Earn the Syllabus Project badge,
  3. Update the Summary page in your eportfolio and re-submit the "Final Reflection - Advanced" assignment.