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Your ePortfolio

Create an ePortfolio

Before you can create evidence of your work in this program, you need to have an electronic portfolio. The Orientation Badge steps you through the process.


sample eportfolio imageSee a finished ePortfolio

Build pages

Your new eportfolio has pages ready for you to work on.

  1. Navigate to a page; you can start with "Welcome."
  2. Edit the page, clicking the Save button regularly, so you don't lose your work.
    When asked to write, enter text on the page rather than uploading a document.
  3. At the end of each session, publish your changes (click the Publish tab, then Publish Changes).

You can edit and publish a page over and over again before you submit it as evidence for a badge.

ePortfolio help

Submit pages as evidence

After finishing the work for a badge, you will submit an ePortfolio "assignment".

  • Navigate to the badge page in your ePortfolio.
  • Click Preview to be sure the page was published.
  • Click Portfolio Tools (top right) and select Submit.
  • For "Choose Assignment", select the badge.
  • Check just one page and click Submit

Here's a video of the process.

Feedback: after 1-3 business days, check your ePortfolio for feedback.

And then? If all is well, you will receive instructions on how to claim and display your badge!