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Tools: Student response


After earning this badge, you will be (better) able to

  • Describe several best practices for student response systems,
  • Write questions that require higher order thinking, and
  • Use a software-based student response system.

Clickers are small hand-held units that students use to respond to questions posed in class. This technique is sometimes called "polling." Software-based alternatives like Poll Everywhere let students respond with a cell phone or laptop, eliminating the need to purchase a dedicated clicker. This genre of technology is called a Student Response System or Classroom Response System.





Reflect on what you learned and make some notes for later writing. These prompts may help:

  • I chose this badge because ...
  • Using a response system to take attendance is ...
  • From my own experience ...
  • Using smartphones or laptops for student responses in class is ...
  • I was surprised by the idea that ...


LEARN how to use Poll Everywhere


  1. Carefully formulate TWO questions in your discipline,
    each from a different category on Bruff's taxonomy
    • Application
    • Procedural
    • One-best-answer
    • Prediction
  2. Enter each question into Poll Everywhere
  3. Capture a screen image for each question
    [how to take a screenshot / capture the screen on your device]
  4. Have at least SIX people respond to your questions on a mobile device.
    The respondents can be students, friends, family members, etc.
  5. For each question, capture and upload a screen image of the response summary


Write a reflection of at least 250 words.

Include the following in your reflection:

Where your questions fit on Derek Bruff's taxonomy

How your test of Poll Everywhere went, technically

Connections - relate your learning for this badge to your own experiences of teaching and learning

Link - at least one other resource, article, website, etc.

Media - at least one embedded image or video (include the source).

These additional prompts may help:

  • Coming up with questions was ...
  • The experience of creating challenging questions was ...
  • It's important for students to know ...
  • Now that I know about ... I will ... differently
  • I had never tried ... , and it ended up ...
  • I expect to ... in order to learn more about ...
  • I chose ... for my question topic because ...


Rename your eportfolio's "Tools" page "Student Response Systems".

Check the Apply tab to be sure you have done what is required.

Be sure you are displaying this content on the page (not just a link to a file):

  • Your FOUR screen capture images (2 questions + 2 summaries)
  • Your reflection (include the items highlighted on the previous Reflect tab)

Publish the page.

From your ePortfolio, submit this page for the Student Response Badge assignment. All of the evidence is on the page, so you don't need to upload files as well.

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