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Tools: Sakai

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After earning this badge, you will be able to perform essential instructor tasks in Sakai and plan a course activity that uses an LMS.

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Sakai is a Learning Management System (LMS), a website platform that supports teaching. Most notably, a Sakai site is a secure place to collect assignments, administer assessments, and post grades. The LMS also offers a resource repository, media gallery, online discussion, and many other capabilities; you can even connect external sites like Piazza. Instructors choose which tools to deploy and how they are used.

swiss army knifeLike a Swiss army knife, an LMS bundles useful tools in a single location. You can find powerful storage options, Gradebooks, and discussion forums outside of Sakai, but you won't have the same combination of convenience, security, and integration.

These resources will help you become a competent Sakai user:





Part A. Create and customize a Sakai course site. Minimum requirements are given below, but feel free to do more. Write a paragraph that briefly describes the role you envision Sakai playing in the course.

  1. Create a fake course site where you have instructor privileges (don't use a real course site with real students).
  2. Home tool: customize the page with course information, including
    • An image and a web link
    • Basic contact info
    • Optional: embed a YouTube video
  3. Resources tool:
    • Upload two or more files, including a PDF of a syllabus
    • Add a web link
    • Create two folders (named for topics, chapters, or weeks)
  4. Site Info tool:
    • Manage Tools — add or remove tools - include only the ones you need
    • Manage Access — publish the site
    • Add these Participants — TA: xowinfreyx   Students: xnbohrx, xrparksx, xmphelpsx, twut (accounts created for demonstration purposes)

Part B. Create an activity

Develop a task for a class in your discipline. Have students to use Sakai to submit an assignment, participate in a discussion forum, or take a short quiz. Write a paragraph that specifically states the learning goal, how the activity will work and how it will be evaluated.

  1. Create the required assignment, forum, or quiz. To get started, try the Durham Tech tutorial videos on forums, tests and quizzes, and assignments
  2. Gradebook tool
    • Make sure there is a grade item for the activity. If a grade was not created by the tool above, then create one manually inside the Gradebook.
    • For this badge, you don’t need to set up categories or a grading scale.

Part C. Make screenshots for your ePortfolio
and add them to your Google Drive media folder.

  • Home page
  • Resources
  • Activity - from the student view
  • Gradebook - showing student names and the activity grade item

[how to take a screenshot / capture the screen on your device]



In your ePortfolio, first rename the "(tools badge)" page "Sakai", then write a reflection of at least 250 words.

Include the following in your reflection:

A specific mention of at least one thing you read or watched above

Connections - relate your learning for this badge to your own teaching & learning, both past experience and future plans

Link - at least one other resource, article, website, etc.

Media - at least one embedded image or video (include the source).

These prompts may help:

  • I chose this badge because ...
  • I used Sakai before as a [student, TA,or teacher] and and my experience was ...
  • I had used [a different LMS] before. In comparison, Sakai ...
  • I will be able to use these ideas in ...
  • Now that I know about ... I will do ... differently
  • I chose ... for my course site because ...
  • I chose ... for my activity because ...
  • I need to spend more time on (part of the plan) because ...
  • I had never tried ... , and it ended up ...
  • I expect to do... in order to learn more about ...

Publish the ePortfolio page for this badge, including:

  • FOUR images in Google Drive modules: Home page, Resources, Activity, Gradebook
  • Paragraph about the course
  • Paragraph about the activity
  • Your reflection.

From your ePortfolio, submit this page for the badge assignment.