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Orientation to the Program


After successfully completing this activity, you will be able to

  • Follow the process for completing modules in this program,
  • Edit and publish an eportfolio page, and
  • Submit an eportfolio assignment.

To help you become familiar with the process for earning badges in this program we have laid out this page like all of the other badge pages. In the "LEARN" section you will find material for reading, watching, or listening.

If you haven't already done so, log in at ND and complete the enrollment form.

1. READ the overview page

2. WATCH the "What is an Eportfolio" video shown at right under "Helpful Resources"

3. PREVIEW the completed ePortfolio shown in the image below (click to view). You may choose different modules and will perhaps write less.

Example eportfolio by Lara Grotz

4. VIEW the slides in "Sample ePortfolios" at right. They are from other contexts at Notre Dame. You can click an image to see it large.


In the "REFLECT" section, you are asked to consider what you've learned and created, as well as make connections with your previous experience or future goals.

We suggest you make some notes for later writing. Here are some prompts for practice:

  • I hope to come away from this program with ...
  • After I finish this program I may use this website to ...
  • The idea of creating an eportfolio makes me feel ...
  • The sample eportfolios looked ...


Join the course and create an eportfolio

  1. Log in at nd.digication.com with your net ID
  2. Click "Courses" at the top
  3. Click Find (to the right of "My Courses")
    • Search for "Teaching"
    • Choose "Teaching Well Using Technology 18"
    • Click Enroll — the password is "excellence18"
  4. Make an ePortfolio from the template
    • Click the ePortfolios tab
    • Locate "Template 18 - Teaching Well Using Technology"
    • Click Create ePortfolio from Template
  5. On the "Create Your Eportfolio Screen"
    (the letters d-g below correspond to letters on the image - click for full size)
    1. Enter the title "[last name] - Teaching Well Using Technology"
    2. Click the template labeled "Teaching Well Using Technology 18"
    3. [optional - upload a new thumbnail image]
    4. Click Create at the bottom of the page.

eportfolio creation screen

Create a place to store your digital artifacts

Create a folder (perhaps in Google Drive) where you can store the materials you create for this program. Start by adding these two images:

  1. A photo of yourself, ideally doing something academic.
  2. A background photo for your home page - something subtle that won't distract much.

Make the welcome page yours

  • Name - replace the placeholder information with your own
  • Introduction - create a basic personal introduction.
  • LinkedIn - replace the address with yours OR delete the module.
  • Image of yourself - replace the placeholder with the image you found above.
  • Background image - replace the current image with the one you found above.

The New Digication Tutorial video (at right) provides a helpful overview.


For the orientation activity, we're doing something a little different. On the Welcome page add an introductory message that is at least 100 words long.

Include the following in your reflection:

Goal - your reason for starting the program

Link - a text link to your department, lab, blog , or other site.

These prompts may help:

  • This eportfolio represents work I completed ... shows evidence of what I learned ... showcases my work ...
  • I have previously used an eportfolio to ...
  • Using an eportfolio as part of the program may help me to ...


The "SHARE" section summarizes what needs to be on the eportfolio page you have created for the badge, and then asks you to submit it as an "assignment".

  1. Check that the Welcome page has your
    • Identification (name, etc.)
    • Introduction paragraph
    • Personal photo
    • Background photo and any other customizations
  2. Publish the page
  3. From your ePortfolio, submit the Welcome page for the "Orientation" assignment. All of the evidence is on the page, so you don't need to upload files as well.

If you have correctly completed the requirements, you will receive an email inviting you to claim and display a digital badge as visible evidence of this accomplishment.


badge photo

Helpful Resources

Introductory video
Sample ePortfolios

New Digication Tutorial

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