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Tools: Presentation

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After earning this badge, you will be able to create more effective presentations by

  • Keeping things simple and clear,
  • Using images and stories, and
  • Applying basic visual design principles
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In his excellent book, Presentation Zen, Garr Reynolds promotes planning, simplicity, use of images and stories, and several other strategies for improving presentation quality.

presentation zen book1. EITHER attend the Presentation Zen workshop
OR read the actual book (ebook - ND only)
OR watch / read these five items

2. READ the following (even if you attended the workshop)

Optional resources

In the video below, director Ken Burns talks about the power of stories. Incorporating a story into a presentation can be a very effective technique.



Develop an original presentation on a topic in your discipline

  1. Create a new presentation in your Google Drive media folder.
    We recommend uasing Google Slides, but PowerPoint is fine.
  2. Develop 10-15 slides that are simple and uncluttered
    • No more than six words on a slide
    • Incorporate a full-screen visual on at least half of the slides
    • On the final slide, list web addresses for CC images that require attribution.
  3. Write a short paragraph (50-100 wds.) on how you would use the slides
  4. Evaluate your presentation using this rubric. This should help with the "Reflect" step.



In your ePortfolio, first rename the "(tools badge)" page "Presentation", then write a reflection of at least 250 words.

Include the following in your reflection:

Presentation Zen - a specific reference to Garr Reynolds' ideas

Challenges - a reaction to one of the challenges for presenters

Connections - relate your learning for this badge to your own teaching & learning, both past experience and future plans

Link - at least one other resource, article, website, etc.

Media - at least one embedded image or video (include the source).

These prompts may help:

  • I chose this badge because ...
  • I had never tried ... , and it ended up ...
  • I chose ... for my presentation because ...
  • Working within the six-word limit was ...
  • Finding images and keeping track of sources was ...
  • Coming up with a story (or active learning strategy) was ...
  • When I applied the presentation rubric to my slides, I found ...
  • The experience of creating an image-heavy presentation was ...
  • My stance on providing presentation handouts is ...
  • This badge helped build on ... [something you already knew]
  • Now that I know about ... I will ... differently
  • I had a relevant experience when ...
  • I expect to ... in order to learn more about ...

Publish the ePortfolio page for this badge, including:

  • Your presentation slides in a Google Drive module
  • Your paragraph about the slides.
  • Your reflection.

From your ePortfolio, submit this page for the badge assignment.