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Adding media to an ePortfolio

This page ONLY applies to eportfolios created before May, 2018

Set up a Google Drive Folder

We recommend that you add media to your eportfolio using Google Drive. First you need a folder where you will store all of the media for this ePortfolio.

  1. Create a folder. Name it something meaningful, like "ePortfolio Uploads".
  2. Share the folder so that anyone with the link (not just at Notre Dame) can view only.

You only need to do this once and you can use the same folder with other portfolios, if you have them.

Add a Media Item

After you have the Google Drive folder it's very easy

  1. Store a copy of your media file in the folder you created.
  2. In the eportfolio, add a Google Drive module.
  3. Choose the media file.

old school slides in a box

Flickr image by InvernoDreaming

All Kinds of Media

Use this method to display any of these file types:

  • Acrobat - PDF

Here's an eportfolio that shows how they look.