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Tools: Student response

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After earning this badge, you will be (better) able to

  • Describe several best practices for student response systems,
  • Write questions that require higher order thinking, and
  • Use a software-based student response system.
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Clickers, or Student Response Systems, are small hand-held units that students use to respond to questions posed in class. This technique is sometimes called "polling." Software-based alternatives like Poll Everywhere let students respond with a cell phone or laptop, eliminating the need to purchase a dedicated clicker.





LEARN how to use Poll Everywhere



  1. Carefully formulate TWO questions in your discipline, each from a different category (from Bruff's taxonomy, above)
    • Application
    • Procedural
    • One-best-answer
    • Prediction
  2. Enter each question into Poll Everywhere
  3. Capture a screen image for each question an add it to your Google Drive media folder.
    [how to take a screenshot / capture the screen on your device]
  4. In a live situation, ask a group of at least six people (students, friends, family members, etc.) to respond using a mobile device. Ideally, they will not all use the same kind of device (laptop, phone, tablet).
  5. For each question, capture and upload a screen image of the response summary



In your ePortfolio, first rename the "(tools badge)" page "Student Response", then write a reflection of at least 250 words.

Specifically mention at least one of item you read or watched.

Make connections between your reading, activities, experience of teaching / learning, and future plans. These prompts may help:

  • I chose this badge because ...
  • Working within the six-word limit was ...
  • My stance on providing presentation handouts is ...
  • Coming up with a story (or active learning strategy) was ...
  • When I applied the presentation rubric to my slides, I found ...
  • The experience of creating an image-heavy presentation was ...
  • It's important for students to know ...
  • Now that I know about ... I will ... differently
  • I had never tried ... , and it ended up ...
  • From my own experience ...
  • I expect to ... in order to learn more about ...
  • I chose ... for my presentation because ...

Publish the ePortfolio page for this badge, including:

  • Your screen capture images (2 questions and 2 summaries)
  • Your reflection.

From your ePortfolio, submit this page for the badge assignment.